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Why are you still cleaning your gutters?  Leafproof Gutter Protection eliminates the dirty, time consuming, and dangerous job of cleaning gutters.  Leafproof is able to fit over your existing gutters and installs under the 1st row of shigles eliminating any need to screw or nail into your roof or fascia.  Leafproof's patented "S" bend and 1/4" factory set water channel can handle up to 12 inches of rain in an hour.



·Keeps leaves, pine needles, maple seeds, and other debris out of your gutter

·Installs under the 1st row of shingles without penetrating the roof

·Blends into the roof line for brilliant curb appeal

·Can handle up to 12" of rain per hour

·Prevents ice dams from forming in the gutter

·Prevent animals and birds from nesting

·Can handle the cold Wisconsin Winter weather

·Keeps your ladder in the garage

·Lifetime warranty

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